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Friday, 2/1, at Cafe du Nord

I had so much speculation leading up to the show about what it was actually going to be. The ad said “Jel and Doseone of Themselves” but Jel and Doseone are Themselves now, so was it going to be solo sets? Were they going to just be doing Themselves stuff? Both?

Dose started his set at about 10:30, and Jel came on around 11:30, and at about 12:30, Dose jumped up again and they started the Themselves set that went on until about 1:30. It was, in Ro’s words, an Anticon wet dream.
This was the first show I had seen in about 8 months at Cafe du Norde. The vibe of the audience the past couple of times I had gone had been sort of parenty. You know, people sitting at the tables and bar during the sets, like this just happens to be the place they come for a great Mojito and, what? There’s a band playing tonight? How inconvenient. This crowd was altogether completely different. People smoking, white boys thowin up signs to Dose’s rap, more white boys rapping in the crowd over Jel’s beats, hecklers, 96% douchbaggery, minimal dancing; you know, the typical Anticon crowd. Now, I’ve only been to a handful myself and Ro has much more experience treading these waters, but why do Anticon fans have to act like assholes? I mean, I don’t really think they are — you can definitely tell they put up the front — but really? It’s such a stunning contrast to (most of) the Anticon performers. Isn’t is usually the other way around? I’ve talked to Dose while dancing side by side, while he’s at the merch table, when he hold’s doors open. He’s nice. That’s it. Simple, right? And Jel is another down to earth, awesome, non-dickwad, kind of guy.

Each of their solo sets were great. Dose read a couple of poems during his set, almost cried during one of them, and had some great typical Dose-banter. He’s almost like a lounge singer in the way he breaks from the music to tell stories. Except the punch line is “This song is about pussy.”

Jel was drunk during his set and, well, drunk Jel is hilarious. “You guys like Amy Winehouse? Oh, thats right. This is San Francisco, you don’t know what you like.” Haha. He hates the SF crowds, too! He stumbled a bit during his set, but he was still mind blowing. And he definitely looks like an Allman Brother right now, so I highly recommend seeing him sooner than later.


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