As you can tell by that pic, I am soo infinitely cooler than you. And maybequitepossibly drunker than you. But that does not make me an alcoholic. It make me 23. With a crap job. And an alcoholic bf and bff.

Beyond that, I’m just a simple girl from a small town who moved to San Frandisco in 2003 for school — and liberal shinanigans. I’m out now, with my first real boyfriend in, uh, sdfnheaeign years, two jobs that do their best at cocking the loaded gun that is my brain, and a crap load of awesome friends who are charicatures of themselves most of the time. And awesome.

I’ve been sewing since I was tall enough to see what my mom was working on at her craft table and playing “billiards” even before that. I make movies (or at least that’s what my degree says) and have more instruments than I do time to play them. I also am a nerd. Like hardcore graphic novel, tech, art history, book and film nerd. In otherwords, I should hopefully never run out of shit to post.

Oh, and the name of the blog just sort of occured to me the day I started it. My initials are BNC, and being the shining genius I am, it JUST THEN occured to me that it webtranslated into be and see. Laziness has led me here, why not let it be cornerstone of the site?