One of my favorite internet time wasters is cruising the Japanese tech import websites. They always offer a the best crap — and I mean crap in the sense that you really don’t need this stuff — at some ridiculously cheap prices. And I mean $2 for a plastic pig with speakers in it’s snout. Plust, they always have a “lady” section with things like facial bleach and some of the ugliest purses ever. Fascinating! Below are some of my picks.

USB Flash Bracelet

Who doesn’t like the idea of just putting your 1GB nerd-dom just right out there on your wrtist? These come in a set of four, as well. I assume for accessorizing. [$14.96, DealExtreme]

Spy Cam

So this extremely happy pig with the open arms and all, he’s got a camera in him that you can hook up to a computer and record video with. If you get one of these, you should probably film yourself. And take a long, hard look. [$15.45, Deal Extreme]

Puppies and Mice

OMG! It’s a little plastic puppy floating in water in that mouse! With his tounge sticking out! That’s gonna keep me distracted for hours. . . [$6.86, IPMart]


I already have a similar pair I got from an SF vendor but for 25x more. / Pretty, vintage-esqe, and in basic black and silver. UH-dorable. / This is the only time I’ve ever approved of dolphins on jewelry. Ever. [$ .60, $4.87, and $18.60, here, here and here]


If you’re one of those crazy people that still has a landline, you should by this. Not only is it a pretty, genie colored blue, it also has a cat (or maybe bear?) wearing overalls on it. Oh, and it can change the pitch of your voice with the flip of a switch! Perfect for all those tween girl’s sleep-over nites featuring harassing phone calls! [$10.27, Chinavasion]