I am the type of person who, uncatigorically, will get a cold when I feel like crap.  At every juncture where I mentally feel, well, mental, I will be cold-ridden and stomache-pained within 24 hours.  It’s the whole flip side to mind over matter.  Which is fantastic.  In that, instead of having an emotional breakdown and wanting to get fistfulls of pill from anyone willing to give (and if you are of that mind, gimme a shout) I also get ridiculous headcolds that keep me isolated in my bed, free to worry the day away about how my life is going nowhere while I’m actually going nowhere.  Lovely, right?

It’s an occurance that I think my boyfriend is just wising up to.  My text messages of “SOS panic attack in commons.  going towards the light” which at first had some sort of novelty and great wit to them are now bordering on that needy girlfriend line.  And nobody wants to knowingly be the needy girlfriend.  gross.  I might as well go cry in my pile of teddy bears.  But, we both ride the same crazy-train sometimes and its good to know that even though he’s not sick, when I mentioned over the phone for the first time that i was super sicky — in between the sneezes every 10 seconds — he countered with coo’s of “I’m sorry! You need anything?” and then, “*clears throat* You know, my throat hurts. . .”  He’s like my own little mirror sometimes.  Just, you know, more of a girl.

Anyhow, here I am, finally writing that blog I’ve been building myself up to do for ages.  Insert the word “book” into the spot “blog” and that could take care of the greater part of the past four years.  Ah, what neuroses can hold us back from even starting, eh?  It’s completely the result of a neverending circle/downward spiral that I live in right now.  My job, at which I spend the greater part of my sleeping time, allows me moments in between clattering keyboard strokes to ride the great internet wave.  That is to say, surf the Google. (I started a couple of months ago refering to anything internet with a “the” and strategically placed “interweb.”  You can imagine the friends in the stitches.)  One of the blogs I frequent for my awesomely nerdy movie updates was nominated for a bloggie and, in perusing that nomination site, I found so many more blogs that just completely took up too much more of my precious, precious time.  But having started and failed other blogs on that other blog place, and participating in that social experiment “anonymous asshole commentors” on xanga and livejournal in highschool and college respectively, I had given up on my random writing ideas and decided to take the role of passive reader.  Then I saw WordPress and, as with most things in my life, I found the interface much more attractive than others, and way totally fell for it.  We’ll see if it’s love or lust soon enough.

I’m excited about updating every day (I’m demanding my own February resolution to do so) and I hope to bring some cool content to this site.

And wish me good luck on getting over this cold (ie. finding a new job).